Proudly Owner Operated

The question is often asked; “Does Kui Parks own the caravan parks in its network?”  The answer is a definite NO. Unlike many other groups we are not a corporate running a network of caravan parks. 

The caravan parks within Kui Parks are nearly all PROUDLY OWNER OPERATED! This is just the way Kui Parks wants it, as we know there is a vested interest in the parks by owners, as they are passionate about their park, their business and value their guests. What better way to ensure you, our valued members and guests enjoy a more personal and unique experience. 

Kui Parks prime role is to support the caravan parks with marketing and promotion, so we can present to our members and guests the parks that are truly different due to their individuality and personality, not to mention the key values of clean, friendly, well presented and reasonable.

In fact our member and guests have given our parks a 96% satisfaction rating!   If you have not visited a Kui Park yet, why not start today. You will not regret it.