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We are located in the centre of some of the best recreational and historical sites in Australia. You can learn about and experience magical moments in these places. From The Strand in Townsville, Little or Big Crystal Creek, Paluma National Park, to the far end of Hinchinbrook, Crystal Creek Caravan Park serves as a gateway place to stay, to easily access these beautiful locations.

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The national park is a two minute drive from us and considered the southern gateway to the Wet Tropics. It is considered to be the oldest continually living rainforest in the world.

The park blends the tradition of Nywaigi Aboriginal people –the original owners – and a diversity of flora and fauna in the vast rainforest. It is home to the renowned Jourama falls to the north, Mount Spec to the south, both Big and Little Crystal Creek in the Paluma range, among other beautiful natural sceneries.  

Since it’s a world heritage site, the Paluma rainforest has a magnificent history and harbours an evolution record of different plant life on earth.     


  • Explore Jourama falls and the Paluma rainforest    
  • Walk up to Paluma Village and get a glimpse of what happened in the 1930s. 
  • Spotting rare birds such as the Golden Bowerbird and other wildlife
  • Paluma national park provides an excellent place for that much-needed retreat

Your camping trip in the park is not deemed complete until you explore one of the most popular destinations in the northern Queensland region – Crystal Creek. Located in the Paluma range, the air here is a bit cold; an escape from the hot lowlands sun.

After travelling along the Mt Spec road, you will find the renowned Little Crystal Creek. There is a large space for parking directly opposite the amenities. You can access the clearly marked trails and take the short walk to Big Crystal Creek, Cloudy Creek Falls, and the breathtaking lookouts at McClelland’s amidst the singing of the birds (cheering you on).

Alternatively, you can explore the historical Crystal Creek stone arch bridge that was built in the 1930s. The flowing water under the bridge sets a dramatic scene as it falls into one of the best freshwater holes in Northern Australia.          


  • Perfect place to stop by for lunch
  • Swimming in the waterhole
  • Explore the aquatic life

You can also explore the Hinchinbrook region and Girringun national park. It’s top of mind destination for nature lovers. With its vast biodiversity and scenic views, the rainforest is popular with Ingham locals and tourists exploring the area.

It’s home to Wallaman Falls – one of the highest single-drop waterfalls in Australia. Located in Stony Creek, the tributary of the Herbert River Gorge, this cascade and horsetail waterfall is a World Heritage site as listed by UNESCO.


  • Explore the untouched wilderness of Herbert River
  • Try out delicious Italian Cuisines and other dishes in Ingham. The town is mostly known for its Italian culture
  • Fishing in the waterways
  • Spotting birds
  • Embark on the Thorsborne Trail in the looming wilderness of Hinchinbrook Island. It’s among the top 10 walks on earth.

Welcome to the largest bulk sugar loading facility in the southern hemisphere. This engineering masterpiece, which measures about 6 kilometres long, begins from the mainland and snakes far into the ocean. It’s so long that sugar takes about 22 minutes to reach the ship holder.

The jetty is popular with fishers casting their nets. You can try your luck in the old Lucinda Wharf as it’s the perfect spot for fishing. You will most likely come across a black marlin, queenfish, or a Spanish mackerel.


  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Kayaking
  • Exploring aquatic life. You can easily find sea turtles and dugongs

It’s also close by in case you have a mind of sunbathing in the sand or swimming. After a short drive from Crystal Creek Caravan Park, you will arrive at this renowned fishing location.

Enjoy unforgettable moments with your family or camping mates.


  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Sunbathing
  • BBQ
  • Since pets are allowed, it’s an ideal place to play with your dog.

If you are travelling along Bruce highway on your way to Ingham, Frosty Mango serves as an ideal spot to pull over for delicious ice creams. This iconic and infamous spot serves different flavoured ice creams and have a wide variety of tropical fruit available, depending on seasons. Not forgetting that a lot of the ice creams are naturally made from fruits right from the Frosty Mango Orchard.

It’s open any day of the week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and provides refreshments for travellers from all walks of life. You can order pancakes, different ice cream flavours, and fruit jam.    

While staying at Crystal Creek Caravan Park, you can take a short 500 metres drive to the restaurant for ice cream, your favourite beverage drink, or explore their orchard and learn how these fruits are grown.

With just a 45 minutes drive from the Crystal Creek Caravan Park, you will arrive at The Strand. The Strand is a 2.2km world-class beachfront promenade custom-built for enjoyment. Along this palm tree lined stretch are bike and walkway paths, safe swimming beaches, picturesque picnic spots, playgrounds, exercise stations, a water park and restaurants and bars with to-die-for water views.

You can enjoy the free family fun of The Strand Water Park, fish off the pier, choose to get active with a jog, or simply laze on the beach and enjoy the million-dollar views of Magnetic Island. The Strand offers the best of all worlds.

What to do for fun:

  • Dining in one of the many ocean side restaurants
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Exploring the Jezzine Barracks and the history of Townsville
  • BBQ
  • Multiple playgrounds and bike paths
  • Sky Diving
  • Townsville’s famous water park with the big tipping bucket 
  • Boating and fishing

Would you want to visit any of these incredible destinations? They are close by. In fact, most of them are less than an hour drive from the park. Book a stay with us and experience all these beautiful moments.