Proudly Owner Operated

The question is often asked; “Does Kui Parks own the caravan parks in its network?”  The answer is a definite NO. Unlike many other groups we are not a corporate running a network of caravan parks.  The caravan parks within Kui Parks are nearly all PROUDLY OWNER OPERATED! This is just the way Kui Parks wants it, as we… Continue reading Proudly Owner Operated

10 Reasons

It’s no secret that caravan & camping holidays have been rapidly growing in popularity over recent years, a trend that continued to skyrocket in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. With international travel set to remain non-existent for some time ahead, more and more people have been swapping the plane tickets for their… Continue reading 10 Reasons

Paluma Range National Park – Things To Do

Paluma Range National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located between Ingham and Townsville and is considered to be the oldest continually living rainforest in the world, a prime platypus-spotting territory and a home to many animals found only in the Wet Tropics. Take time to explore the tropical rainforest that encompasses over 849,420… Continue reading Paluma Range National Park – Things To Do

Packing lists

Individuals love pressing records for a similar explanation they love records when all is said in done: they’re not difficult to peruse. They set aside more effort to assemble, obviously, however in the event that you can locate a one of a kind point or objective to pack for, you have a decent possibility of… Continue reading Packing lists

What not to eat

Eating nearby cooking is an energizing piece of movement, however there are now and again where it assists with understanding what food sources to evade, particularly on the off chance that you have a touchy stomach. For a more inside and out article, you can make a rundown of what not to eat alongside what… Continue reading What not to eat