Powered Drive

Powered Drive-through Sites

Finding a Caravan park where you can simply drive up, unhook and have direct access to power can be a hassle.  We have several large powered drives through sites, which can accommodate large groups and the biggest of setups. You’ll love it up here with our Powered Drive-through sites.

Five Reason Why You'll Love Staying With Us

Larger Than Average Sites

We know you don’t like crowded drive-through sites. You need spacious and well-maintained grounds that can handle motorcades of all shapes and sizes. That’s precisely what we have here.

We often receive guests with large vehicle sizes. You don’t have to manoeuvre or reverse your vehicle into other sites while in the drive-through. Just bring along your long caravan or camper van, we have room for you.

Our Park Was Built With Your Needs In Mind

All our drive through sites are located in a clean and grassy area. The sites are well maintained at all times to ensure the area is well kept and clean.

Our lush acreage is dotted with palm trees so there's enough shade during the summer and the birds love them. You can imagine resting here during the day listening to nature at its best.

Closer To Amenities

The drive through sites are located close to most of our other amenities you would need.

Do you love to swim or dip your toes in the water? Take advantage of our sparkling swimming pool facility nearby. And if you love to grill meats and vegetables, there is a BBQ facility near the swimming pool.

Among other amenities is a water tap, which provides clean water to the sites throughout, a spacious clean communal kitchen just close to the laundry room, and power at your convenience.

In case you also want to fuel your vehicle or buy something from the shop - we have it all - it’s close by and convenient.

Pets Are Part Of The Family!

We know you love your fur babies, don’t you? How would it feel going on a camping trip and leaving your furry friend home? Sad, right? That’s why we allow our guests to bring pets and stay with them in the drive-through sites.

In order to keep our villas and cabins well maintained for the enjoyment of all guests, pets are not permitted in those sites however they are in all the other sites offered. Let them have a taste of the countryside life, too.

Book one of the sites, gather your family & friends and pack your caravan or campervan and come enjoy your stay with us. Our guests love our park facilities because they are accessible, convenient, well maintained and secure.

Well, it’s as simple. You can reserve your spot by contacting us in advance by phone or email or Facebook messenger. You can book online; click the button below, and select your preferred site.

Follow the steps to checkout using your preferred payment method. You will then receive a confirmation email with receipt. In case you are arriving after hours you will also receive all information needed to access our property and obtain keys for your cabin.



  • Your phone/tablet with internet connection
  • Email address you can access from your phone/tablet to retrieve the access codes.
  • Or an Australian mobile number to receive your access codes by text message.
  • Visa/MasterCard to pay for your accommodation.



  • Click here to go to our booking page. Select a cabin or site of your choice & finish your booking with the online payment, using your Visa/MasterCard.
  • You will receive an email promptly after payment has gone through, with your receipt, your site/cabin number & the access codes needed to enter our facilities.

*For more information  please see our Terms & Conditions




Crystal Creek is the perfect place to relax while on your journey. You can relax by the pool or go for a walk on the property. Nearby there is a boat ramp in Crystal Creek for some fishing and crabbing. The park is the only caravan park close to Paluma National Park. If you want to discover more of this beautiful area, then ask about our 2 day itinerary. Only a few minutes drive and you’ll find yourself at beautiful Big Crystal Creek and Paradise Waterhole. This is a wonderful area for birdwatching, hiking and swimming. The park also offers a shop and service station (with 24 hour fuel available) for your convenience.




Stay & Save on Sites & Membership

Receive a discount on your Kui membership PLUS receive a discount for your accommodation. For more information speak with your friendly host at the park.